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Intuitive Card Reading

During this intuitive card reading, you may receive messages from loved ones, ancestors, or spirit guides. this reading is very detailed. Please be open and receptive to your reading. 

60 min/ $66.66 or 30/ $33.33


Oracle Card Reading

This oracle card reading offers guidance on the situation you are inquiring about. 

20 min/ $22.22


Spiritual Consultation

A Spiritual Consultation session with me will help you change your life by changing the way you live on a deeper level. 

60min/ $55.55


Candle Spell Work

Candle spell work can be done for prosperity and abundance, healing, self love, attraction, protection, clarity, and cleansing. 



Chakra Check

In order for us to be balanced, our chakras must be aligned. This service will allow me to see which chakras may have blockages or imbalances. 


*Must be done in person.*

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Chakra Alignment

During the session; I will use crystals, singing bowls, tuning forks, and bells in order to bring your chakra system into alignment. 

60min/ $77.77

*Must be done in person.*

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Spiritual Cleansing by Smudge

Smudging is a Native American method used to cleanse the aura or a space of negative energy. This process involves burning herbs, resins, flowers  and woods. 

Time Varies/ $33.33

*Must be done in person.*

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